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  • Skin, Is There Anything Else We Should Be Aware Of?

    Skin, Is There Anything Else We Should Be Aware Of?
    Is There Anything Else We Should Be Aware Of? Should we Avoid Alcohol?

    Why does my skin wrinkle as I age? Is it hereditary? Are there natural remedies? These are common questions asked by millions of women throughout the world.

    The skin wrinkles when a couple of reasons show up. Our skin loses collagen production due to a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in our body, the skin cells start accumulating and the outer layer of your skin is lost. This is called wrinkles.

    Is There a Natural Remedy For Aging Skin?

    There are several natural treatments for the skin wrinkles. For instance, avocado is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, it is also rich in antioxidants. Avocado contains sterolins which are a group of plant chemicals that acts as an anti-aging compound in the skin.

    Avocado can be used as a facial mask, it has the natural property of smoothing wrinkles and making skin soft. There are also home remedies for wrinkles such as rubbing the seeds on your face, or use coconut oil to relieve wrinkles and make skin smooth, or use avocado and honey based facial mask.

    Is There a Natural Remedy For Wrinkles in the Bath?

    Bath salts are a type of substance that contains natural ingredients for the skin wrinkles. It is used for relaxing the muscles. It is usually mixed with olive oil or castor oil. Use the mixture on a regular basis to help your skin become smoother.

    What is the Best Thing to Eat For Skin Wrinkles?

    You can also have foods rich in antioxidants such as fish, fruit juices, nuts and legumes. You can also take antioxidant supplements such as grape seed, green tea and vitamin C. However, if you are pregnant or plan on get pregnant, do not take any supplements that contain antioxidants.

    Is there anything else we should be aware of?

    It is advisable when buying cosmetic products to read the labels and ensure that the creams and lotions do not contain ingredients such as alcohol, phthalates, parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and other synthetic ingredients. This will make your skin dry and make wrinkles easier to notice.

    The Best Thing to Do For Wrinkles is to apply cream with natural ingredients and moisturizer, which can give deep skin tightening.
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  • What Happens to Your Body and Mind When You Don’t Get Proper Sleep

    What Happens to Your Body and Mind When You Don’t Get Proper Sleep


    The old saying to “sleep on it” really is good stuff. Sleep is the time when your body heals and repairs, getting you ready for the day ahead. Some people aren’t getting the sleep they need though, and if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. According to Consumer Reports, around 164 million Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. 

    The effects of not getting enough sleep are staggering. The National Institute of Health has published extensive studies from around the world that show just how important it is to get good, deep sleep every night. Even in the short term, lack of sleep has profound impacts on your health in your wakeful hours. 

    - Lack of mental focus

    You might notice that after a night of poor sleep, you feel less alert. That’s because your brain didn’t get the full chance it needed to refresh during the night. You might find yourself more forgetful than usual and have trouble focusing. 

    - More prone to accidents

    Stay up late to finish work or study. Get up early to get going. This endless cycle puts you and others at greater risk. Driving drowsy has been named by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a factor in causing thousands of accidents every year, many of them with injuries and fatalities. 

    - Aging skin

    If you want to avoid looking older than what your driver’s license proclaims, it’s best to start getting more sleep now. During the process of sleep, your body gets busy removing dead skin cells and turning them over. It builds up collagen and helps your skin look refreshed. Over time, no skincare product on the planet can make up for a chronic lack of sleep.

    - It keeps you from losing weight

    If you take care of your health with diet and exercise but aren’t sleeping enough, you’re undoing all the good things you’re trying to do for your health. Lack of sleep produces more cortisol, the stress hormone, which in turn, builds fat around your waist. That extra fat can lead to problems for your heart down the road too so get that sleep!

    - Feeling moody and depressed

    Not getting enough sleep is bad for your mental wellness too. It’s easier to be irritated when you haven’t rested enough. It can also lead to depression, making you feel more withdrawn from those you love. 

    - Lower immunity

    Now more than ever, focusing on your immunity is so important. When you slack on the sleep, you’re putting yourself more at risk to catch pathogens you come into contact with. 

    If you want to avoid these problems, the answer is to get more sleep. There are some great ways to do so, all naturally, allowing you to live a healthier life while dreaming about it too!
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